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Welcome to our Ceili! 

The Irish Gaelic word is pronounced "kay-lee" and means a gathering of people.


The Ceilidh At The Irish Hall takes place at Katherin Hughes Memorial Hall at the Irish Cultural Centre located on North River Road in Charlottetown. It is home to the longest running Ceilidh on Prince Edward Island.  Our Ceilidhs were started thirty years ago to provide support for traditional music, song and dance by providing a venue in which traditional musicians could be brought together with an audience that appreciated their talents.


Every Friday night, from May until October, the hall springs to life, when some of the best traditional musicians PEI has to offer play at the Irish Cultural Centre.  


The Benevolent Irish Society has been providing a venue for up and coming and established musicians since the revival of interest in Celtic traditional music and dance began. Many consider the Irish Hall their favorite place to play – its like a second home to them.  There is hardly a Ceilidh at which a surprise guest does not show up. Some musicians just can’t resist bringing along friends to join them for a number. The more the merrier!


Join us for a night of great music, song and dance!

Admission is $15 for adults and $5 for children 12 years of age and under. 

The evening also includes a 50/50 draw and a homemade lunch served at intermission!

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