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In March of 2020, the Benevolent Irish Society will stage The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley – A Play by Jimmy Keary, County Westmeath, Ireland  

Ticket sales will start on February 3rd at $20.00 per ticket. 

To buy online,

1. Click on the highlighted link below.  

2. Then type "Gabriel Foley" in Eventbrite's search bar.

In March of 2020, for the second year in a row, the Social Committee of the Benevolent Irish Society are featuring a much-loved Charlottetown tradition, the St. Patrick’s Week Play.  For many older islanders, the St. Patrick’s Week Play is a happy memory of growing up in Charlottetown in the 1940 – 1980-time frame.  It signalled the end of winter and was much anticipated as a “do not miss” event.  The next time you are at the BIS in the Katherine Hughes Memorial Hall, please take a minute to look at the pictures on the wall on the right of the stage.  Featured there you will see a few pictures of previous productions, from as far back as 1894, which were staged by the BIS at a number of venues in Charlottetown.    
The 2020 play called “The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley” is a three-act comedy that is currently being staged all over the world due to popular demand.   
The story takes place in a small central Ireland town in County Westmeath in the early 1990’s.  A local farmer, middle-aged Gabriel Foley who is unmarried and considers himself unlucky at love, has come to the realization that he will not be having a family if he doesn’t make some serious changes in his life and make them soon.   The story takes on some hilarious twists when Gabriel takes questionable “courting advice” from his married best friend Liam Gavigan.  Gabriel’s mother Aggie lives with him and is constantly reminding him that she despairs of ever having any grandchildren to spoil.   Gabriel joins the local Theatre Group as a way to meet a potential wife and the fun begins.  
The play brings to the stage many of the elements that make a play interesting.  It contains comedy, unresolved romance, elder vs youth values, local gossip, interfering relatives, ulterior motives, a love triangle, etc.   This is indeed a very good high comedy.

There will be six runs of the play on stage at the BIS on March 5 - 7 (Thursday – Saturday) and March 10 – 12 (Tuesday – Thursday).  

Please make note of the play dates on your calendar and plan to attend one of the shows with your spouse, significant other, children and elder folks.   Every generation will enjoy this production.  Last year the play was sold out 5 of the 6 nights of the play, so don’t hesitate too long in buying your ticket.


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